If you have flown unto my Luminous Letter page, I hope you will find the information both interesting and useful on your magickal-spiritual journey.

Keep in mind when you are open to receive the knowledge given to you by the goddess, she will awaken thy light within you.  Which in turn will embark you into an amazing adventure of self.

Many will hear the call to serve yet, only a selected few will she choose to take her vows until death doth part. The walk alongside her is one not to be taken lightly or believe one will attain all of her knowledge over night.  It is a life path which will forever change who you were and will become in the future.

This statement made by many before us is true-

“ She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes forever.”  Blessed Be, Unarei Hps of ISIS


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Unarei Saldana- High Priestess of ISIS


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Reiki Master Teacher in the traditions of -Usui, Karuna, Seichem


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