Unarei makes the magickal candles, soaps, powders and aromatherpy sprays.. Cerina also has her line of aromatherpy sprays, grig grig bags and spells. We have a variety of candles which range from 7 day or 2 day, skull, devils, witches, cats, knobs and gender candles

We have variety of magkcikal soaking bath salts for healing, love, success, clearing and positive energy for your mind, body and spirit.

We carry over 100 oils in our magickal store.  The selection is a variety of fragrance oils and our magickal blends. These particular magickal blends are specifically made with our very own witchy secret ingredients They are to be used for all types of spell work such as healing, love, money attraction, success, glamoury, friendship, come to me.  Some of the blends can be used as perfume and in oil burners.